Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Segment 38 : Hamilton Island to Thomas Island

Segment 38 : Hamilton Island to Thomas Island
Wed . 17  Oct 2012 ,   17 NM.

Rear admiral Julie was up early and off to the store for some provisions, then to have her hair attended to. Apparently the hard water up the Whitsundays is not kind to rear admiral Julie's hair, and regular visits to the hair doctor are dreamed about.

Sometimes a visit to the hairdresser can be diverted by Capt Barry playing with the rear admiral's hair for an hour or so. Capt Barry gets through these sessions by thinking he is cleaning out the raw sea water strainers of fine seaweed, and adding up the brownie points.

The winds were still blowing 18 kts from the SE and the seas had a 1 + M swell , mainly from the S.

LAST WORD departed its berth mid afternoon and rear admiral took control and instructed Capt Barry to catch some fish, so we trolled at about 7 + kts to Thomas Island, which is south of Lindeman and Shaw Islands ( south of Hamilton Island).

We came across SILVER MINX , and anchored between Thomas Island and Young Tom's Island, in about 3 m of water, but still put out 25 M of chain as the tide was going to rise about 4 M during the night.

Capt Barry thought we had selected a good anchoring spot, but when the rollers started to come through from the NE he up anchored and moved LAST WORD 50 m closer into shore , but to no avail. The swell still swung around the Island and we knew we were in for a swelly time .

Never the less , Capt Geoff Player, managed to get himself  and Vicki Player , and their two guests, Peter and Kiki,  into their small tender , and over to LAST WORD,  where we enjoyed a chicken curry dinner , cooked by rear admiral Julie - because Capt Barry had not done so well with the fishing on route to Thomas Island .

After dinner , Capt Geoff  and Capt Barry tried their hand at squidding, but that was also a failure, so we all retired to our oats and  beds for a relatively early night.

Vicki, Kiki and Peter, on LAST WORD  enjoying a drink after dinner, while Capt Geoff ( in the background ) tries his luck at squidding.

TRIP  : 3 HRS,   96 L , av 6+ kts and 32 L/HR.

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