Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SEGMENT 30: Downtime at Magnetic Island, Wed to Sat ( 3rd to 6th Oct 2012 inclusive).

SEGMENT 30: Downtime at Magnetic Island, Wed to Sat ( 3rd to 6th  Oct 2012 inclusive).

The wind continued to blow from the E/SE for the next three days , and was consistently between 15 and 25 kts, and occasionally about 30 kts.

Plenty of boats came into Nelly Bay Harbour seeking shelter. One such vessel was a Marlow, about 68 feet, named Explorer IV.
The skipper tried berthing on the blow off berth next to LAST WORD, several times, and eventually reported that his bow thrusters had given up the ghost and he would go back outside the harbour to fix the thruster and return. However we did not see him again, and we later learned the skipper went back to Townsville Breakwater marina (from where he came ) and berthed there, but after some difficulty and several attempts.

On the Wednesday, David and Rhyannon went for a walk around Nelly Bay and then  rear admiral Julie, David and Rhyannon caught the ferry to Townsville to fill in some time, whilst Capt Barry caught up on maintenance on LAST WORD.

Rhyannon walking along the marina edge walk

A Rhyannon type flower, at rest amongst the boulders 

Later that night we all dined at the Peppers, Blue on Blue resort restaurant, and he food was fabulous.

On the Thursday, David and Rhyannon, departed, as their time on LAST WORD was up, and they were flying to Brisbane to spend a day or so with Capt Barry’s brother, Graeme, at his house, at Surfers Paradise.

However, as fate would have it, Graeme was on his way to Townsville, on route by car with some good friends, to spend some time with Capt Barry and rear admiral Julie on board LAST WORD. The plan was that Graeme would make the trip to keep his friends company (some 1400 klms)  and return on LAST WORD  , as far as Airlie Beach , where he would be collected by his travelling friends and driven back to Surfers Paradise.

When Graeme found out the he would miss David and Rhyannon , he organised for them to be collected  at Brisbane airport, driven to his house at Surfers Paradise, and for them to stay in his house a, use his car, and even to be driven to the airport when they were due to depart for Sydney. SOME UNCLE  EHHHH DAVID.

Graeme arrived at Nelly Bay, as planned , the same afternoon that David and Rhyannon departed, so Capt Barry just had time to wash and change the bed linen and practice saying “GRAEME “ instead of “DAVID”.

Friday, Graeme and Capt Barry caught the ferry to Townsville, and caught a cab out to the suburbs to buy some fishing tackle and wholesale electrical equipment (longer extension leads and plug ends – to ensure LAST WORD could plug into three phase power as long as the power outlet was within 30 m of the berth). Whilst there, Capt Barry also purchased a omni-directional  TV antennae ( for $59 ) to see if we could pick up the Bathurst Race and grand prix, and rugby tests.

Capt Barry returning from a shopping expedition with cable and TV antennae

Whilst LAST WORD has a satellite dish for TV and a free to air box, it cannot pick up a TV signal north of Mackay, and Capt Barry is too mean to install  Foxtel.  The limitation of the free to air ( FTA ) box is an issue that Capt Barry will gladly take up with the fellow who supplies the Ocean TV satellite, on his return to Sydney . Mackay ).
The days at Nelly Bay Harbour, waiting for the winds to ease and seas to abate , were spent with walks, a swim each afternoon in the Peppers resort pool, talking to the neighbouring boat occupants and fiddling ( making extension leads and trying to tune the TVs to the new Digitech antennae) , organising the fishing gear , and a little polishing of LAST WORD, and Capt Barry visiting the medical clinic to have his ear syringed ( as he had partial hearing only in the right ear).

Sunday, 7th October  we planned to depart , as the seas looked ok and the wind was predicted to be less than 15 knots.

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