Tuesday, 16 October 2012



Capt Barry was up at 6.30 am and checked the weather and seas, which were predicted to be up to half a meter with 5 to 15 kt winds from the NE.       Fabulous

We lifted anchor at 7.30 am, and as soon as we cleared Cape Upstart the rods were out and the trolling lures were in the water.

LAST WORD sat on idle and we were still doing between 6 and 7 kts.

The sea was very flat and the skies clear and the breeze just that.All in all another perfect start to the day.

rear admiral Julie and Graeme looking for dolphins 

Capt Barry disappeared below the bottom deck flooring and took some pics of the suspect solenoid and valve to send to Ship N Shore in Sydney to ask them to recommend a service fellow (marine electrician / plumber to look at the solenoid in Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach, on arrival in a few days.

the troublesome solenoid and sticking valve

Graeme, was feeling so ENERGISED AND NEEDED  ( assisting Capt Barry with all sorts of tasks )


 that he decided to extend his holiday on board LAST WORD . So he emailed his friends that he would stay on board LAST WORD  at arrival at Airlie Beach and extend till Friday and fly home from Hamilton Island, Graeme then booked a  cheap flight from Hamo to Brisbane.

Rear admiral Julie and Capt Barry were delighted that he decided to extend.

After about an hour of trolling without strikes, we reeled in the lures and sat on our usual 1050 rpm /about 10 kts with  the usual speed runs every 90 mins or so at 23 kts for 5 mins then 18 kts for 10 mins etc.


We saw some dolphins and passed several sailing yachts , and took some pics of the Abbott Point coal loader and coal ships .


There was a little romance on the trip , which nearly turned into a mutiny when Capt Barry and rear admiral Julie discussed what we might have for dinner.

please darling....take me to dinner

I  said PLEASE DARLING........... take me to dinner.........i am sick of fish.......

I have had pan fried mackerel,grilled mackerel,  mackerel cakes, poached mackerel, sashimi mackerel.....I want a lamb chop.

We arrived at Cape Gloucester at 1.00pm,  and  picked up  No 18 mooring, ie  one of the outside row of moorings (knowing that they took 30 tons and had been recently serviced (or so we were informed).

Capt Barry and Graeme launched the small tender and fitted the 3 hp motor , and all went ashore for a walk and to show Graeme around the resorts.

It took about 8 mins to reach shore , in a 1 m plus swell that was coming from 7 oclock , and we received some wash and spray over the back corner and  had to jump into about 2 feet of water to ensure the swell and  small waves did not dump the soft bottom tender on some sharp shells or rocks.

We were about 100m away from the path to the Echo resort, and  Graeme and Capt Barry lifted the tender and motor well up the small beach and Capt Barry tied it to a tree to ensure it would be there upon our return , as there was a rising tide.

We visited the Echo resort first, where Julie left her handbag and towels behind the bar,  then walked along the beach to Monty's resor (about 500 meters )  which is the home of the SICYC ( Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club ) of which rear admiral Julie and Capt Barry are both vice commodores.

We then returned to the Echo resort and enjoyed a few drinks, and Graeme and Capt Barry had a swim in the salt water pool and a shower.

As we watched the sun set, we decided to stay for dinner, which was surprisingly good and relaxing.

LAST WORD at its mooring about 700 meters out


It was well after dark when we  decided to head back to LAST WORD.....if we could find the tender in the dark.  

Graeme down loaded a flash light app onto Capt Barry's telephone, which was free and took about 30 secs,We then used the flash light to find our way back to and along the beach to the tender , where we managed to untie the tender and launch it into the now very swelly conditions, which were almost directly onshore.

We were all somewhat anxious of the swelly ride back to LAST WORD and got thoroughly wet. However we had no trouble finding LAST WORD , as Capt Barry had left on plenty of lights.

When we approached LAST WORD , we had to time our arrival alongside  as LAST WORD  was really pitching and rolling  in the very swelly conditions.

We made it aboard safely, and after pulling the small tender up onto  the fly bridge and storing the 3 hp motor in the lazz,we  all had showers to wash off the salt water.

Capt Barry could not believe the rolly conditions and we debated moving LAST WORD inside the passage between Cape Gloucester and Gloucester Island, but Capt Barry decided it was too dark , and as the passage was tricky ( shallow and narrow in parts )  it was better to have an uncomfortable nights sleep than possibly ruin the next several weeks by running aground in the passage.

So we had an early night , and rolled, and rolled and.....ROOOOLLLLLLEEEEDDDDDDDDD.

TRIP:  5.3 HRS, 205 L/TOTAL, AV 9.8 KTS,  AV 38.5 L/H/TOTAL.

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