Monday, 29 October 2012

segment 35: Crayfish Bay to Hamilton Island

segment  35: Crayfish Bay to Hamilton Island and down time at Hamilton Island
Thursday 11 and Friday  12 October 2012, 6 NM

It was predicted to blow from the SE for the next several days , and we needed to go to Hamilton Island to drop off Graeme for him to catch the plane back to Surfers Paradise, so we made the most of the morning.

 Graeme took the girls to the beach for a walk, whilst Geoff Player launched his tender, and came across to LAST WORD  for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Graeme and the girls joined us for tea and toast ( breaky ) , and we handed over our supplies of bait ( for NEP ) and some other items , took a list of food items required by SILVER MINX , and  made arrangements to meet up again in a couple of days.

LAST WORD took  SILVER MINX'S rubbish, and as the wind had come up ( as predicted) and Geoff and Vicki had to row back , Graeme and Capt Barry grabbed the leader rope of their tender and gave them a speedy start by running up the side of LAST WORD and launching their tender at about 5 knots into the wind, towards SILVER MINX.

SILVER MINX lifted anchor and headed to Nara Inlet to wait out the predicted winds and LAST WORD lifted anchor and headed back to Hamilton Island.

Berthing LAST WORD  was a little exciting , as Capt Barry accidentally  put the starboaRd motor in forward gear ( after getting into the berth and the rear port rope on the cleat ) and nearly swung LAST WORD'S aft starboard corner  into the neighbouring berthed vessel, in slow motion.

Capt Barry realised what was happening, in time, and took the motor out of gear before they touched, and all was ok. It emphasised the value of having a buffer on the other side ( which Capt Barry had put on LAST WORD before the berthing ) just in case one muffs a berthing , which happens to honest Capt's from time to time.

Whilst Capt Barry gave LAST WORD  a bath. rear admiral Julie worked on the Bead Them UP website AGAIN.

Later that evening we walked around the other side of Hamilton Island for dinner, then returned for a DVD ( Men in Black 3 ) , and Graeme tuned the TV antenna.

The next morning Graeme checked into his flight and printed his boarding pass, and then Graeme and Capt Barry stretched their legs by walking  around to the new yacht club building , and Capt Barry visited the chandlery shop for some odds and ends.

To fill in the morning Capt Barry polished some stainless steel , did a small bit of polishing the gelcoat and some share trading, then Graeme and Capt Barry walked to the airport for Graeme's flight.

Rear admiral Julie worked all day on her Bead Them Up business and Capt Barry visited some other boaties for a catch up.

Later that evening Capt Barry blogged , and rear admiral Julie cooked mackerel fish cakes for dinner.

Capt Barry surfed the web and discovered that Brisbane and Sydney were copping filthy  weather, and that it had snowed in the southern highlands, just south of Sydney and the ACT.

TRIP 6 nm , 0.8 HRS AND 30 l

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