Thursday, 1 November 2012


Thursday 18th Oct 2012.   8 NM.

Rear admiral Julie and Capt Barry were up early , after all LAST WORD  rolled all night , and we were happy to move to the next destination.

Capt Barry had a  coffee on board SILVER MINX  with Capt Geoff Player whilst the girls and Peter went ashore to visit the hermits hut and collect some shells ( and I think to  look for evidence that the hermit had  cannibal like practices ).

After their return Capt Barry announced that LAST WORD was going to up anchor and proceed to the south western side of Shaw Island , where Capt Barry hoped there would be greater protection from the swell , which whilst  primarily from the east , wrapped around small land masses ( like Thomas Island ) and become a north eastern swell, making anchoring swelly,  and not so comfortable when the boat turned side on.

Late morning both vessels up anchored and set off. LAST WORD made its way direct to Shaw Island ,at about 6 to 7 knots and Capt Barry trolled all the way....without luck, and SILVER MINX , with lures out , took a more circuitous route around some nearby rocks , also without luck.

The anchorage,  inside ( ie on the top/northern  side ) of the bottom, left dogleg of Shaw Island, proved  far superior to Thomas Island , in the prevailing swell, and  gave better protection from the 10 to 12 kt wind, and the anchorage was several miles long , so boats could spread out for some quiet and privacy.

Early afternoon Capt Barry received a radio message ( on channel 72 - which s designated "ship to ship " ) from SILVER MINX that dinner would be  on board SILVER MINX , and white slacks or shorts was the dress code for the evening, and that the tender service would collect us at 6.00pm.

Well..... rear admiral Julie was quite excited at the prospect of a NEAR FORMAL evening out, especially having had her hair done two days previously at Hamilton Island, and broke into the safe deposit box for her best jewellery ( made from Capt Barry's best supply of hooks and sinkers ) and then whipped up  large ( for 6 ) green and potato salads.

Meanwhile, Capt Barry found his white shorts and gave them a quick iron, and selected two good bottles of white wine,.......being the usual entrance fee for visiting another boat in the islands........ then we waited for the tender, which arrived on time with Peter at the tiller.

Upon arrival at SILVER MINX, rear admiral Julie and Capt Barry were presented with the evenings top half of the dress code , red Hawaiian shirts , and then a quick photo shoot was had to record the evening for posterity.

Kiki, Vicki Player  and rear admiral Julie

Capt Barry, Capt Geoff Player and Peter

Just before dinner, there was commotion at the back of SILVER MINX , and yes..... Capt Geoff had caught another shark... which gave a good fight before Capt Barry held it against the back of the boat whilst the hook was removed and the shark let loose.

Before we let the shark loose it recognised our lovely uniforms and asked us to snap some pics of it posing with the two Capts, Barry and Geoff.

Of course we obliged it as we were in a party mood.

 Dinner was a fine affair with Capt Geoff and Vicki Player demonstrating excellent culinary skills , and there was plenty of that lubricating fluid called wine.

just like the cookie days in the Payers biscuit factory. Line them up and punch them out.....delicious

another fantastic night . Notice the flying saucer light over the table. The Players stop at nothing and spare no expense to create the right atmosphere, and........ it helps keep the flies away. The light  cord was specially imported from China, and the light , i think was from BFC (boating, fishing and camping ), and Capt Geoff had painted the bulb  red , to give off that special soothing pink effect..... that makes drinking wine a real one is not sure whether they are drinking white , red or rose wine.

Finally,  rear admiral Julie and Capt Barry wilted and were rowed back to LAST WORD.  I say rowed , as Peter was having some trouble with that four stroke Honda, 3.3 hp outboard engine on the back of SILVER MINX'S tender, and only got it started after we had covered most of the distance by rowing.

The night proved to be quite still , despite the 10 + kt wind which we regarded as a  pleasant night breeze and contributed to an excellent night's sleep.

TRIP  : 1.2 Hrs , 33 L 

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