Monday, 19 November 2012


SEGMENT 52: Downtime at Surfers.

Well fans, it is catch up time at Surfers Paradise.

Capt Barry has organised a few repairs for LAST WORD,

1. swapped the five pin three phase plug ends on the 10 m extension lead to a 20m lead.

2. swapped the master suite TECMA toilet switch for a new one.

3. swapped the master suite TECMA toilet solenoid and valve for a new one,.......and yeehhhhaaaa.... it seems to have fixed the intermittent  flush problem.

rather than pull a muscle changing the solenoid, I organised the electriction  to get into the small places

4. polished the pilothouse roof..


6. organising some tinted perspex to slip inside the front windows , to reduce the heat, when underway.

7. buy a third tear drop fender.

8. organise Hastings Deering to rebuild/replace LAST WORD's two engine raw water pumps.

9. cut view holes in the front white windscreen canvas.

10. change the bed linen for next crew.

making V berth beds are such fun, and a two person job

11. wash and pack away the small tender.

As well Capt Barry has visited Graeme in Hospital, and

Capt Barry and Andrea visiting Graz just after his surgery.

Capt Barry has moved in with Graeme to assist with his recovery from knee and left leg surgery.

one swollen leg

12. Capt Barry does an ASIO like check on Graz's visitors.

Peter ans Merilyn visiting Graz

13. Capt Barry as the chief cook (when Andrea is not around )

BBQ breakfast

14. Capt Barry supervising Graz's exercise regime. In this case Capt Barry has started Graz off with soft , lightweight  exercises, called changing.

Weather has been stormy, 25 to 30 kt winds from the north , now from the south, heavy rain and hail , the latter further north at Brisbane.

Capt Barry is trying to catch up with Captain Neil tonight , and maybe ( if and when I get word that MEC are ready to do the stabilizer fin ) I will catch up with Peter Hudson to take LAST WORD to GCCM to be lifted and the fin fitted.

TRIP : NIL NM, $57 fuel for Graz's  Ben for Capt Barry's running around. Av speed and fuel consumption a lot better than LAST WORD.

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