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SUNDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2012.   6 nm

Capt Barry played telephone tag with the Campbells' and swapped a few messages , and as time was ticking and Capt Barry had received a call to bring some PVC glue to SILVER MINX (  to effect a repair to SILVER MINX'S tender ) plans were changed, and after  Capt Barry checked the seas and weather , LAST WORD  decided to spend a couple of days on anchor with SILVER MINX.

As Capt Barry and rear admiral Julie were going to Sydney for a week in the next few days , they said a few goodbyes to new friends that were still in berths on Hamilton Island, then informed Steve and Angela where they were headed and made preparations to head to Homestead bay on the western side of Cid Island.

Steve and Angela , on board RANGER, were also eager to leave the marina for some time on anchor , so both vessels departed at the same time.

Despite Steve and Angela's Riv being happiest travelling at  about 24 kts, when Capt Barry contacted them on VHF chnl 72 and said LAST WORD was going to troll at idle most of the way , Capt Steve found a new slow speed and did the same.
Capt Barry thought the Riv may haemorrhage, travelling at such a slow speed, but no, it did just fine.

RANGER, Captained by Steve Maeshall and crewed ( very ably ) by Angela Marshall

As LAST WORD rounded the south western tip of Cid Island we spotted a yacht that looked like SILVER MINX , but did not recognise the usual flag aray. So,  Capt Barry contacted SILVER MINX, by VHF radio CHNL 72, to ask if the boat in the bay was them, and if they had done their washing and had their sheets drying  up the mast.

The response , from Vicki Player , was a little indignant, and asked if one of the boats coming around the corner was LAST WORD, and    NO.......they had not done their washing....and..... NO.......they did NOT have their sheets up the mast to dry......BUT........SILVER MINX WAS FLYING HER BATTLE FLAGS......WHICH WERE QUITE LARGE.

Capt. Barry replied ..."oops..SORRY.....LAST WORD   OUT ".

Silver Minx with battle flags in the breeze

LAST WORD anchored just in front of and out from  SILVER MINX and then assisted RANGER anchor just in front of and next to LAST WORD.

This anchor position was perhaps a little close for Capt Steve and Angela, but Capt Barry said they better get used to closer anchoring if they were going to spend time on Sydney Harbour, especially on  new years eve.

Capt Barry had spent some time on RANGER that morning, and had inspected its anchor, and thought the 80 lb Manson and ample 10 mm chain  good anchoring material ,  and said to Capt Steve that it was very unlikely RANGER would drag its anchor after Capt Barry had them put out 27 m, in 5 m of water , in the 10 to 12 kt winds , especially after seeing Capt Steve set the anchor properly before turning off the engines.

However, Capt Barry did tender over to RANGER, and specifically say , on the quiet  to Capt Steve, that notwithstanding who advises Capt Steve on what, and no matter what experience that person may or may not have , it is up to Capt Steve to decide what is best for RANGER, and NEVER BE EMBARRASSED TO LIFT THE ANCHOR AND/OR MOVE FURTHER OUT OR RE ANCHOR AGAIN, IF IT MAKES HIM FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE.

That afternoon we all launched our tenders and went ashore to explore , procure some coconuts ( for coconut cocktails later that evening ) and set Capt Geoff's crab trap.

Capt Geoff went to the north, Capt Barry decided not to risk the prop and headed further south, and Capt Steve chose the middle course (and nicked the prop).

We enjoyed a walk at low tide, set Capt Geoff's crab pot in a creek. We  spotted rays, shovel nose sharks and lots of fish from the shore,  then after an hour headed back tour boats.

Capt Barry assisted the ever lovely rear admiral Julie ( who was wearing something akin  to the full berka - to protect herself from the hot sun )  into the small tender and  decided to walk the tender out into deeper water , to protect the prop,  and start the motor before hoping in.

This was a superb plan,    but..... not flawless.

Capt Barry did not check whether the motor was in neutral , and on first pull the motor came to life and the tender shot off towards the deeper water with the rear admiral aboard ,....... but no Capt Barry.

Capt Barry realised at once that the tender was Captainless, and managed to push the motor sideways as it shot past him, this ( whilst nearly throwing the rear admiral into the centre of the tender) caused the tender to do a large circle and return to Capt Barry who grabbed the tender and put the motor into neutral then boarded without further incident.

The others saw the whole show, and upon subtle enquiry, learned what had happened, explaining that they thought the rear admiral Julie had decided to leave the handsome Capt Barry on shore, for the crabs.

Later that afternoon , Capt Barry collected Capt Geoff and took him ashore where they fished from the shore , but again without luck. Capt Geoff checked his crab trap and came back with a good size mud crab for the freezer.

geee .. I hope that crab does not puncture the tender...... we already have one repair to do.
 Whilst returning  to SILVER MINX Capt Barry's tender motor  ran out of fuel , and he had to row to SILVER MINX and then on to  LAST WORD.

Later that evening , the wind dropped to a zephyr, and LAST WORD and  RANGER'S crews boarded SILVER MINX and the 6 of us  enjoyed coconut cocktails as the sun set ,

excellent coconut cocktails on board SILVER MINX

another perfect end to a perfect day

 a few beers, fresh calamari as an entrée and mackerel for the main course,

accompanied by several bottles of fine wine and good music.

  NOT BAD EHhhhhhh

Another excellent night in  near glass out sea conditions.

all asleep on LAST WORD

TRIP  : 1.2 hrs 42 L  

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