Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Downtime at Mackay

Downtime at Mackay;

Mackay Harbour Marina is enormous , protected by a very substantial sea wall that accommodates two lanes of traffic right out to the point.

pic across the marina showing one of the ramps to the arms. This is about half tide , and when the tide is a low/low the ramp is very steep, hence the extra long ramps. Notice the sea wall in the background which completely encases the marina. 

view across the marina from LAST WORDS bow. 

Mackay Harbour is a large marina with 5 m tides. LAST WORD is berthed where the number 22 appears . There is a very substantial sea wall that runs along he top of the marina , not shown on this plan.

The morning after arriving at Mackay, Rear Admiral Julie decided to stock the boat again, so off we went shopping , with nanna trolley and back packs. If i had thongs , i would have slipped right in.

Capts Ray and Barry assisting with the restocking of LAST WORD.There

We said goodbye to our travelling companions and returned to the Marina. Julie beaded and capt Barry checked the drivers and fuses for the underwater blue LEDs to see whether a quick fix was on the cards. Alas, the issue with the outside port underwater light was not that simple and it will need replacing next time LAST WORD  is lifted out of the water. I certainly am not going to risk a lift out just to change one LED.

That night a thick fog rolled into the marina , and stayed all day. We were planning to fuel up and  depart for Scawfell Island the next day, but would be stuck in the marina if it does not lift, as Capt Barry decided not to trust the Raymarine Radar.

compare this pic (taken at 3.30pm ) with the pic above , as they  are similar shots.

the fog rolled in the second night we were in the marina and stayed all day

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