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After the Rear Admiral Julie returned from her surf ski trip and walk along the beach we up anchored at 10.00am and motored along on another flat sea in absolutely beautiful weather.

leaving Goldsmith Island

 Buoyweather was predicting seas of less than 0.2m at 8 secs and ESE winds of about 2 kts.

calm seas once again

LAST WORD motored along at just under 9 kts and we did the occassional speed run at 23 kts for 5 to 10 mins ( every 90 mins or so )  just to blow the exhausts clear and heat up the engine oil properly etc.

Capt Barry is not happy with the radars performance ( ie it does not show several targets ) and took pictures of the Raymarine screen and the scene outside the window, to match for evidence for Raymarine on board warranty .
now where is that other contact?
Capt Barry spent some time plotting new way points for use in the Whitsundays over the next few weeks.

We passed by many other islands on route to Airlie Beach.

Day Dream Island

West side of Dent Island (which is sometimes referred to as West Hamilton Island and now has a golf course).

As we approached Hamilton Island there were many more sail boats and motor yachts about, as it was just after Hamilton Island race week,  and boats were leaving for home or Abel Point Marina for repairs before the trip home.

As we rounded Pioneer Rocks on approach to Abel Point Marina , we came across another whale just lying on the water surface , we think giving birth , as after some time a small baby whale appeared , and the two whales slowly came to life and began going through slow movements etc.

After witnessing what we think was another whale birth (second in two days ) we proceeded to Abel Point Marina entrance leads.

 LAST WORD was sitting on about 7 kts and about 200m out from the marina entrance  leads, with the Rear Admiral Julie at the helm ( as Capt Barry had just organised ropes and buffers ) when Capt Barry noticed a larger boat ( about 100 ft or 30m ) about 7 o'clock and  20 m away. The larger boat was coming up on LAST WORD  at about 12 kts, and whilst Capt Barry did not think the skipper would be  so stupid to push past  LAST WORD so close to the entrance leads, he warned  Rear Admiral Julie of its presence and to keep a steady course and not be surprised if another boat slid past.

The Rear Admiral asked Capt Barry to take over the helm which Capt Barry did,  and as Capt Barry picked up the VHF radio to contact the approaching boat in an endeavour to  ascertain the skippers intentions, we heard the skipper of the approaching boat contact Abel Point Marina for permission to enter the marina . Permission was given and the larger boat ( which identified itself as "VANQUISH  " ) just pushed its way passed LAST WORD, as if he had not seen her,  and proceeded to enter the marina entrance. Vanquish left LAST WORD  wallowing in its 1 + m wake about 50 m out from the entrance markers , and Capt Barry switched  on the stabilizers and had to stop forward motion and eventually take another longer track at the entrance markers due to the rockin and a rollin suffered from the VANQUISH DICK HEAD SKIPPER.

VANQUISH looks impressive, but needs a better mannered / educated skipper

Capt Barry then radioed the Marina office for permission to enter the marina, AND ADDED  ( hoping the VANQUISH DICK HEAD SKIPPER  was still monitoring  the radio) that ...."LAST WORD  would enter the marina   AS SOON AS LAST WORD STOPPED WALLOWING AND WE REGAINED STEERING CONTROL....AFTER THE INCREDIBLY STUPID, DANGEROUS AND ARROGANT OVERTAKING MANOEUVRE  BY THE SKIPPER OF VANQUISH  in pushing past LAST WORD  just  off our port side so close to the marina approach markers.

Why the skipper of Vanquish did not radio LAST WORD  and advise us they were  in a hurry and wanted to pass, ( if that was the case ),  I do not know. I guess good etiquette is just lost on some people.

Eventually, Capt Barry safely entered yet another mystery marina ( as in new to us ) and managed to find LAST WORDS  allocated berth ( N5 , which is a 30 m berth , and just one of  496 berths ).

The marina is massive, and was still only partly full, despite there being many additional boats berthed there from Hamilton Island race week, as well as most of the boats that were kicked out of Hamilton Island for race week, waiting to return , which they could do over the next day or so ).

Meridian Marinas ( in receivership ) is the owner. They are developing another marina , just 100m to the east of Abel Point Marina, and have run into cash flow problems. Beats me why they are developing another maria, so close, when this one is obviously not full. I guess they have the business attitude of .....'LET'S JUST BUILD IT AND THE BOATS WILL COME..."

LAST WORD  tucked into bed for the week whilst Capt Barry and the Rear Admiral Julie fly home for a week

TRIP:  40 NM,     4.75 HRS,    187L in total,  AV SPEED 8.8 KTS , AVE FUEL 39 L/H/TOTAL.

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