Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bobbin Head To Pittwater

7am In our berth Bobbin Head Marina
We left our berth at  Empire Marina Monday 23rd July 2012, bound for the RMYC Broken Bay at approx      7.45am. However, we stopped at the fuel wharf first, a distance of 80m, to fill up. 1340 L  at $1.51 / L.
It took about 40 mins to stir the marina staff and fill and I added 1 L of fuel doctor.
Just left the marina, still in the 4 knot and no wash zone
Probably a good thing we took on fuel and wasted 45 mins as the mist was very thick , and we had to use radar into the sun and mist.
We arrived at RMYC BB at 10.30am into a tricky gusting 15 knots  southerly and managed to back into a 20 M berth first go. There were several marina hands available to assist including the dock master, Doug Taylor.
Being  a member I get one night free per month and it was $60 for every night thereafter.
As the weather had blown up and the seas were 2 to 3 meters ,I booked into a coastal navigation ( using charts only ) and electronic aids course for the Monday and Tuesday nights. I am not sure what electronic aids was all about, but assumed it was something to do with navigation.
I had organised with Ray Gent ( travelled sea  captain  and philosopher ) to visit Monday with the intention of spending a couple of hours examining the various bar entrances to sea ports and river entrances we may visit on our way north, and we ( I ) practiced  with the electronic  ruler, way points and using the panoramic / overhead picture overlays and looking up tide information. All good, and so was the terrific lunch Julie organised. Ray loaned Julie his Merc to visit Avalon shopping centre for some last minute shopping and lunch  provisions. Julie was gone for about an hour (30 mins of which consisted of Julie trying to work out the Mercs automatic column shift ).
The coastal navigation course turned out to be fairly basic, but it was good to do the refresher given our  circumstances.
Desert at Jonah's
Tuesday, started as  another dreary, windy , drizzly day. However , it cleared ok and we managed to make the best of it by lunching at Jonahs with John and Marly.
Of course the food , wine and company was terrific.
We were driven back to the marina in time for me to attend my navigation course.

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